power [pou′ər]
[ME pouer < OFr poeir, earlier poter, orig. inf. < VL * potere, to be able, for L posse, to be able: see POTENT]
1. ability to do, act, or produce
2. a specific ability or faculty [the power of hearing]
3. great ability to do, act, or affect strongly; vigor; force; strength
a) the ability to control others; authority; sway; influence
b) [pl.] special authority assigned to or exercised by a person or group holding office
c) legal ability or authority; also, a document giving it
5. a source of physical or mechanical force or energy; force or energy that is at, or can be put to, work [electric power, water power]
6. the rate at which work is done: abbrev. P
7. a person or thing having great influence, force, or authority
8. a nation, esp. one having influence or domination over other nations [the great powers]
9. national might or political strength
10. a spirit or divinity
11. Dial. a large number or quantity (of something specified)
a) Archaic an armed force; army; navy
b) military strength [air power]
13. Math.
a) the product of the multiplication of a quantity by itself [4 is the second power of 2 (22)]
b) EXPONENT (sense 3)
14. Optics the degree of magnification of a lens, microscope, telescope, etc., expressed as a ratio of the diameters of image and object
to supply with power or with a source of power
1. operated by electricity, a fuel engine, etc. [power tools, a power mower]
2. served by an auxiliary, engine-powered system that reduces the effort of the operation [power steering]
3. carrying electricity [power lines]
4. of, for, or signifying persons in business or politics regarded as powerful [a power lunch, a power suit]
in power
1. in authority
2. in office
the powers that be
the persons in control
SYN.- POWER denotes the inherent ability or the admitted right to rule, govern, and determine [the limited power of a president ]; AUTHORITY refers to the power, because of rank or office, to give commands, enforce obedience, and make decisions [the authority of a teacher ]; JURISDICTION refers to the power to rule or decide within certain defined limits [the jurisdiction of the courts ]; DOMINION implies sovereign or supreme authority [dominion over a dependent state ]; SWAY stresses the predominance or sweeping scope of power [the Romans held sway over the ancient world ]; CONTROL, in this connection, implies authority to regulate, restrain, or curb [under the control of a guardian ]; COMMAND implies such authority that enforces obedience to one's orders [in command of a regiment ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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